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Your vaccination record will never get lost again. Vacuna determines your individual vaccination status and reminds you of the next vaccination. The advantage: you no longer miss any vaccinations that are due. Now available with the digital vaccination certificate for Covid-19 vaccination.

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The paper-based vaccination card is not sustainable

| 60%

do not know their vaccination status

| 20%

do not find their vaccination card

| 12%

have no vaccination certificate at all

Know your vaccination status

Vacuna determines your vaccination status according to the vaccination schedule relevant for your country:

  • Standard vaccinations (including Covid-19) that everyone should have obtained,
  • Indicated vaccinations for risk and occupational groups,
  • Travel vaccinations that are only needed abroad.

Don't forget your vaccinations anymore

Individual vaccination recommendations broken down by catch-up and booster vaccinations.

More advantages:

  • Reminders of all upcoming and catch-up vaccinations,
  • Management of photos from your vaccination card to show at the vaccination screening,
  • Export of the digitized vaccination entries as a CSV file.

Manage the vaccination status for your entire family

Who can keep track of all the vaccinations? With Vacuna, you can put an end to paperwork and manage the vaccination status of the entire family. Simply create a new profile and Vacuna determines the vaccination status across all ages:

  • the necessary immunization in childhood (like measles vaccination),
  • all mid-life vaccinations (such as the booster shots for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis),
  • all vaccinations for the second half of life (such as influenza, shingles and pneumococcal).

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Transparent offer



  • Vaccination status for standard vaccinations and Covid-19
  • Vaccination recommendations for catch-up and booster vaccinations
  • Vaccination reminders for standard vaccinations

Premium for insured


  • Free premium version for all insured persons of the participating health insurance companies
  • Just ask your health insurance if they already support Vacuna


25 EUR

  • All services of the basic offer
  • Overview of the vaccination status of the entire family and creation of up to 5 profiles
  • Vaccination status and vaccination reminders for indication vaccinations, occupational vaccinations and travel vaccinations

*App store prices may vary and depend on local VAT as well as app store fees.

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About us

You can't find your vaccination card again? Or your vaccination card even got completely lost during the last relocation? You can't remember when you were last vaccinated? But you don't feel like spending hours in the waiting room?

Does at least one of the questions apply to you? In our experience, you're like more than 50 percent of vaccination card holders. The paper-based vaccination card: illegible, worn and mostly untraceable.

Our aim is to make the transition from the paper-based vaccination card to the digital, smart vaccination app as smooth as possible. As a digitizer in the healthcare sector with a focus on data protection and security, we have teamed up with the domain expert and digital health entrepreneur Tobias Herion, MD.

Benedikt Marquardt

Digital Health Entrepreneur and founder of IO Propagator

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Dr. med. Tobias Herion

Digital Health Entrepreneur and founder of DNAid Diagnostics


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